A Closer look at Homosexuality

​​​​​​​Article by R. Wilson

Subject; Homosexuality in modern culture


In this day and age much of the society has grown to accept homosexuality as a normal, and healthy preference. It has been perceived by most as an unusual but respectable way of life concerning intimate companionship. But I wonder has the masses put this way of life under the magnifying glass of God’s word according to the way that He prescribes us to do. If there be anyone who cares about God’s pleasure and blessing and benefit it would be wise to really consider some of the statements and ideologies that will be presented in this article.

Many of us who were born in the 1980’s on back can remember the social negative stigma that came with being Homosexual many sitcoms and improv shows would openly and maybe even amusingly show they disprove of this way of life. And in most households being homosexual was unacceptable and was something that needed to be relentlessly corrected by the loved  ones of the “confused” individual. I can remember a family member arguing and refuting with another person who was saying you should let people be who they are and accept it, the family member was saying, no, I will not accept it. But as Culture shifts further and further from the way and institutes that God has established, homosexuality in all its forms has crept in society as acceptable and irreproachable to the point if your stance is against it you are treated as they were once treated as social disorders and rejects who are promoting non-peaceful protest. This slow creep is not by chance but rather by design, we humans have a common enemy no matter who you are and His name is Satan the deceiver of all the nations. -Revelation 12; 9. This enemy has a goal and an agenda which is to frustrate the plan and will of God through the disobedience and deceit of man.

The way this Enemy promotes his agenda is through ungodly institutes and organizations along with people who are in the spot light or in high places. Satan also uses whatever is provocative to man to lead people astray and then lead them into an Eternal Fiery pit where he also will reside in the end. He does this because he knows the consequences of sin and he knows what certain kind of sins do to a community and culture so he chooses what sin he will promote carefully. And when he promotes this sin he makes sure no one spiritually blind can trace his finger prints in the whole mess. 

Satan has been around a long time and He knows the lust of man and he knows the law and anger and wrath of God he knows what ticks God off to a point of God’s wrath being poured out. Satan knows that God destroyed a whole city because the sexual perversion was so bad. In this city Children, Parents, and the Elderly were given to Homosexuality and all sorts of Fornication and strange sexual activities that clearly went against nature. The interesting part about this is this city was prosperous, and had little to be worried about until God’s wrath came down on them and destroyed them all. God basically said of the cities Sodom and Gomorrah that the cry of their lewd wickedness had reached all the way to heaven, almost like God was saying I was giving them time to repent, until their wickedness reaches a certain high point beyond what I am willing to repair. I believe Satan is using this same concept in the United States I think He is trying to motivate this kind of Sin so God will go ahead and strike this country with such tragedy and destruction even the unbeliever will be in sorrowful awe. This is one of many reasons Believers should be honest with those who feel secure and at righteous ease with their homosexual lives because it is possible if this way continues God will unleash his hot anger as He did before on this nation who has forgotten God’s way.

This kind of lifestyle brings about no productivity in procreation at all and it is great evidence that God did not intend nor condone it from the beginning nor does He now, He in fact hates Same sex intimacy with a passion. The Scripture says that God’s divine nature and wisdom and power can be perceived in the creation. - Romans 1; 20. In other words we can tell there is a God, through just looking at the wonder and organization and elegance of all that exist which God made. God designed Mankind to be procreative and productive, and the reason why Mankind can only produce Life through the union of a male and female is because in the beginning God only blessed that union, that is the union of male and female to procreate. Genesis 1; 27-28. Therefore any other union for natural procreation is man-made and subject to all kinds of down falls and curses. We humans have a habit of taking something wholesome and messing it up through experiment and getting involved in things that gratify our own lustful desires and this kind of tampering with perfect design leads to death, suffering, disease, and a damaged society and I think we can all agree those terms describe much of our world.

Speaking of disease and suffering there are many scientist who believe through scientific study that there are some diseases that have come through Homosexuality and definitely been spread through homosexuality. And some of these diseases lead to a slow agonizing death. What many people may not know but what is derived from Scripture is that many Diseases including Sexual ones are a form of God’s judgement on the ungodly who commit sin against God’s way. – Deuteronomy 28; 58-59. When there is diseases being transmitted because of unrighteousness it is pretty obvious that God has passed some judgement's on the evil way. And Satan is happy because his plan for man to destroy themselves is being fulfilled in the spreading of death through sexual immorality by the same sex union.  

There are also many people who have a false idea in our society who believe God made a mistake when He created them because they feel they should have been born the opposite sex. But that is a lie or a great misunderstanding because the Scripture says “who has known the mind of the Lord or who can be His counselor”- Romans 11; 34. In other words have can give the Lord instruction, who can correct Him or say let me help you with your dilemma God, NO ONE. God does not make mistakes he is perfect and changeless and all wise with all power, but rather it is us humans who are broken and have sinful lust and come out the womb of our mother’s with an inclination to sin. Now for some people that natural inclination toward sin can possibly be the inclination toward Homosexuality which is sin. And to add insult to injury the Scripture says the heart is deceitfully wicked and it will deceive you to make your sin okay in your eyes and make your mind condone or accept something God rejects. Jerimiah 17; 9. This kind of deception and suppressing of Truth will lead to a fiery Hell if not repented of.

It is believed that some drugs that people consider minor like alcohol, or weed that diminish judgement when in the body can be a gateway that leads to worst drugs like cocaine, ecstasy, or premos(laced weed), etc. Now addiction to these major drugs that are harder to kick that reek the greater havoc on society all comes from what was considered a “minor drug” that people try first. But if the minor drugs would had been rejected, the major ones would have no place and society would not have to deal with the effects of dope fiends. 

Moreover likewise with Homosexuality it seems minor in the eyes of many people in society these days but I believe it’s the gateway leading to all kinds of perverted sexual acts of immorality, and there has been study to support this assumption. Homosexuality can lead to acts of pedophilia, molestation, rape and many things related, let’s sit and really think here, people who become drug attics usually don’t start with “hard drugs” they usually begin with “softer ones” like alcohol or weed and then just as I stated before it then turns into something heinous. It is no surprise that when there was less open homosexual activity in society there was less sexual crime. And not every alcoholic becomes a crackhead, likewise not every Homosexual becomes a pedophile, but let’s keep in mind most crackheads were previously Alcoholics or weed smokers, likewise most child molesters and pedophiles were first open or someway greatly exposed to Homosexuality or some form of same sex lewdness. It seems to me that Homosexuality which is called a “minor deviation” or just untraditional could actually be the cause for some major sexual crimes we as a society hate, which God hates as well.      

I want to conclude by also saying even if you don’t interact in homosexual activity, if you condone it or accept it, God finds guilt with you. If you lead people to believe you don’t do it but you don’t have anything against people who are romantically involved with the same sex, God will judge you as if you were one of them.- Romans 1; 32. No one should hate people in a way that appears as if you are better than them because of yourself because all men have sinned and we all chose our own way of ungodliness at some point. And the bottom line is that we are all unclean and a abomination to God, our lives are filthy with Sin and we all must Repent, and Believe the Gospel so we can be born again acceptable to God and live as ones who Love what God loves and Hate what He Hates and He hates sin in all its fashions, and because Homosexuality is an Abomination He calls it detestable, so we also call it detestable and sinful.( 1 Corinthians 6;9) ( Romans 1;26-27) (Leviticus 20;13) But hear Scripture and perceive the Love of God (warning comes before destruction so repent while there is still time). Amen – Ezekiel 3; 17-19