A Statement to the Believer; 

Believer, has the normality of Sin in the Land, and culture caused you to grow numb to how wicked Sin is, and just how much God despises it.  


Signs of numbness. ( Examples Gathered from the Story of Lot)- Genesis 19; 1-7  /   2 Peter 2; 7-8


Genesis 19;7 – He called them (my Brethren). Lot who was a righteous man according to 2 Peter Ch.2 lived in a place called Sodom and Gomorrah where Sexual Wickedness and lewdness along with Bad hospitality was at its worst. The people of the city were evil and had very little in common with lot, and this place was not his native. But in spite of all that He still called them His Brethren meaning fam, or Fellow Believer, but they were not His brethren because Lot was of God He was righteous and within the family of God but the people of the city were not. SO LOT GREW NUMB TO THE FACT THAT EVERYONE IS NOT KIN, EVERYONE IS NOT RIGHTEOUS, EVERYONE IS NOT IN THE FAMILY OF GOD, THERE IS SEPERATION BETEWEEN THE CHILDREN OF THE DEVIL, AND THE CHILDREN OF GOD.- Luke 8;21   (((And though God opens His door to all through Christ, All have not walked through it, Therefore there is a separation; The Household of Saints, and the People of Outer Darkness. And Lot was numb to this Reality.  


Genesis 19; 8 – He offered His 2 virgin daughters to be raped instead of the 2 visiting Angels. This is very bazar to us because its not a sin that’s common to us. But the people of Sodom would often see visitors walking or passing through and solicit or demand some kind of sexual act from them. Either by force or free will it didn’t matter, this kind of perversion was normal in this wicked city. It was Normal that Lot the Righteous man had grown numb to how bad this kind of thing is. He was numb to how much God hates Sexual Immorality, God calls for Sanctification in every way even concerning Sexuality.( 1 Thessalonians 4; 3) But Lot in the spare of the moment with his deluded discernment offered his daughters to be sexually abused instead of his 2 visitors. HE GREW NUMB TO HOW MUCH GOD HATES SEXUAL IMMORALITY, AND THAT THIS KIND OF THING IS TERRIBLE.



Genesis 19; 15-16 – In the morning the next day the 2 Angels told Lot get up, and leave the City because we’re going to destroy it, and the Lord wants you to live because He loves you so leave now or you will be destroyed with the rest of the people of the city. But Lot hesitated.   LOT BECAME NUMB TO THE WARNING OF GOD, HE WASN’T ON THE WATCH, AND HE DIDN’T TAKE GOD’S WARNING SERIOUS ENOUGH, BECAUSE OF HIS NUMBNESS. (( But God’s people are supposed to hear His warnings and respond with readiness, to be sure we escape the destruction of God seeing that He’s warned us ahead of time because He loves us.))- Philippians 3; 19-20

Final Statements
Some of the things the Righteous man Lot did were very questionable to say the least, but in spite of the wrong He done God counted Him righteous through the Faith he had, just as God counts us righteous through our Faith in Christ and the Truth. But if we 21st century Believers are not careful we too can become numb to the sin of our culture and land. And end up compromising like Lot did. SO LETS LOOK AT SIN LIKE ITS SIN, LETS LOOK AT THINGS HOW GOD LOOKS AT IT, AND FEEL THE WAY GOD FEELS ABOUT IT. AND THE SCRIPTURE SAYS GOD HATES SIN. (Proverbs 6; 16-19, Psalm 97;10)



Believer, have you grown numb to Sin?