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This Core Teachings page is designed to get you familiar with core biblical teachings that all True believers of Christ should be familiar with to Help the people understand Truth about God, and Mankind. In a way all these teachings are tied together and to distort one could affect the way you understand other ones. These teachings don't provide All Answers but rather gives stepping ground to the Seeker of Truth in Christ and these are some of the things I deal with in numerical order, with these Doctrines;

1.The identity of God, 2. The Identity of God the Father, 3.The Identity of Jesus Christ, 4.The Identity of the Holy Spirit, 5. Human Beings(Mankind), 6.Sin?, 7. Salvation, 8. Why Salvation?, 9. New Birth, 10. Bible?, 11. Heaven, 12. Hell, 13.God's Justice, 14.God's Mercy, 15.God's Grace, 16. God's love, 17. God's Sovereignty, 18.Faith?, 19. Importance of Faith, 20. Sanctification, 21. Importance of Sanctification, 22. Acceptable Works, 23.Non Acceptable works,   24. Redemption's goal.

Core Teachings (Biblical Doctrines)​​​

1.The Identity of God

God is the Almighty one who has made everything, and gives life and movement and nourishment to all things, he gives reason to everything and nothing exist without him, but everything continues to exist because of Him and the ONE TRUE GOD exist in Three persons; Father, Son, Holy Spirit and these distinct 3 are One. Even the ONE TRUE GOD spoken of in the Holy Bible which some call the Godhead or the Holy Trinity when referring to God's nature the 3 in ONE, these three distinct persons Exist as God being the ONE TRUE GOD.Genesis 1;1. Revelation 4;11. Colossians 2;9. ​1 Peter 1;2. Isaiah 46;9. 1 Timothy 2;5 

2. The Identity of God the FATHER.

God the Father is the first member or person of the Eternal One True God, He is the Father of Jesus the Christ and the Creator of everything because He is God. The Father is the Master planner of All events concerning the Salvation and Redemption of man. He is invisible but in all places at one time, and He is All Powerful and everything is "under His thumb" He gives life to everything and He is one with His Son Jesus Christ who is also Equal to Him as God in every way in the spirit. God the Father and Christ His Son are completely in sync with one another and there is no division but a unison one mindedness within the Godhead(Trinity).    1 Corinthians 8;6. Ephesians 1;3-7. John 10;30 

​​3. The Identity of Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ is the Second member or person of the ONE TRUE GOD who has made all things, He is known as the Son within the Eternal Godhead(Trinity). He himself is God and also the Messiah(Christ), what makes Him Christ(Messiah) is His earthly ministry. In which He left His heavenly dwelling, was born through a virgin woman and became a man to take the punishment for sinners, fulfill prophecy, fulfill God's righteous standard, and secure & finish all he was suppose to accomplish as the ultimate Son and Servant of God but actually being the Eternal God himself even the 2nd member thereof. And He is the mediator of the New Covenant/Testament and the image of the Invisible God. And Faith in Him is the only way people can be saved from wrath. Needless to say when it comes to His humanity He is the Most important Man in the universe, because this Man is God in flesh. For a Detailed presentation of the Gospel Message of Christ which you must believe as Scripture presents to be Saved click here; The Gospel  John 1;1-14. Colossians 1;13-18. John 4;34. Isaiah 53;10. Romans 5;6-8. Isaiah 53;10. Acts 10;43. 1 Timothy 2;5

​4. The Identity of The Holy Spirit(Ghost).

The Holy Spirit is the Third member or Person within the One True God, He is very humble in His earthly ministry in every way. The Spirit of God is God and the Creator of all things along with God the Father and Christ Jesus the Son and these 3 are the One True God but the Spirit does not take much credit for any thing He does and Has taken the Low road of recognition. The Spirit has a vast Ministry in Which he does everything to bring Glory to God the Father and God the Son doing His work to see them Glorified rather than Himself. He is the One who guided the Hearts and hands of the Men who wrote Scripture, He is the One who Opens your eyes to See the blessed Love and Glory of Jesus Christ and changes your inward man to begin to Hate your Sin, Fear God and believe the Gospel. He is the agent who Saves us by bringing about Conviction in our hearts & also brings about the Conviction of our Sinful lives and causing us to then believe God and Repent unto Salvation. The Holy Spirit keeps the People of God in right standing with God so we want forsake Him and loose our Reward and Position. The Holy Spirit(Ghost) is God, He is God the Spirit and He is very Humble and does not command you to look at Him but rather God the Father & Son but it must be understood without Him we don't have any power, or Authority or guidance to serve out and complete the purposes of God. But if The Holy Spirit abides in you, you will have power, authority, guidance, and Endurance to continue this walk and glorify God, and Most importantly if The Spirit does not Live in you, and Lead you, you are not a child of God but rather a Child of the Wicked One because The Identity of God is not in you. The Spirit is invisible and Loves God the Father & Son just as the God the Father loves the Son, and God The Son loves the Father.

Job 33;4. 2 Peter 1;21. John 14;16-17. John 16;12-15. 2 Thessalonians 2;13. Acts 1;8. Romans 8;9. Acts 5;1-4

5.Who are Human beings(MANKIND).

Mankind is one of God's prized creations that He made in His own image and likeness to have dominion and power in the earth realm just as God has dominion and power everywhere & all through the universe. These creations were suppose to Worship, and Honor God in obedience while enjoying God's goodness and bestowed power and responsibility on them on the Earth. But WE have sinned & disobeyed our Creator and fell from His Grace and Goodness that was placed on us(MANKIND) in the beginning. Now God unravels His REDEMPTIVE plan to bring a People back to right standing with him and restore His great goodness on them for all Eternity.

Genesis 1;26-28. Ecclesiastes 7;20. Psalms 150;6. Romans 11;36. Ecclesiastes 12;13-14

6. What is Sin?

Sin is to miss the mark of Perfection set before you, to Sin is to fall short of the standard you have been obligated to meet. In a more liberal or synonymous sense it could take the meaning of to transgress which is to have understanding of what to do, or not to do but you still willingly do what is forbidden, or willingly not do what was commanded. Therefore in God's eyes it is ALL SIN, and where there is Sin and disobedience there is Loss and Punishment and Judgement executed by the Authority holder and judge, who in this case is God himself who judges all because all people have sinned. James 4;17. 1 John 3;4. Romans 3;23. Romans 1;32

7. What is Salvation?

Salvation is God in his saving Grace rescuing or saving people from the awaited Eternal punishment he has promised to inflict upon all who do not believe the Gospel of His Son Jesus Christ and those who are unrepented of their Sin and upon all who do not Biblically know Him. God has decided to deliver people from the Eternal death and suffering coming on all who reject Him and His Son and upon all who do not know Him as He says you should. And even though salvation can not be earned, it does have these requirements from the person; Faith in the Gospel, Repentance from your Sinful life, and Endurance in that Faith & Repentance. And those whom God Saves from His Wrath, He also sanctifies and Blesses because they now belong to Him. Amen. 2 Timothy 1;9. Romans 5;9. 2 Thessalonians 1;7-9. Titus 3;5

8. Who needs Salvation and why?

If everyone is sick does not everyone need a doctor? If everyone is infected does not everyone need a vaccine. If everyone is dead, does not everyone need CPR? The Answer is all these people who are sick and injured need saving help. The Scripture says all people have sinned, and that all are counted beforehand as sinners, we are sick with a Sin virus inside of us passed down from our first parents Adam and Eve. And God is a righteous Judge and any righteous Judge can not turn his back on Criminals and lawbreakers because he sits on that bench to exercise Justice completely. Well, according to God's law we are all lawbreakers because we have broken God's law in some way and the penalty in God's law for even one Sin is Eternal Death & Suffering(Hell), Spiritual Death(No relationship with God being alienated from Him), Physical Death(the Expiration of the body) these are the penalties and punishment for Sin. And we all need to be saved from these consequential judgement's on us, because God has judged us all and declared All Human beings guilty with in this Judgement. So we all need Salvation from this condemnation from God.

Romans 5;12-14. Romans 6;23. Psalm 94;23. 1 Timothy 2;3-4

9. New Birth( Regeneration).

New Birth is the act God does when He brings a New Converted Believer around the time of the their conversion to a point of instantly being a New Creature/Person who Now is Alive in Christ and no longer dead in Sin and these people are inclined to obey God and Love God who has the fear of God in them and grows in the understanding of their Creator and savior Jesus Christ. The Person who is Born again Now has a new heart that longs to please God and a mind that meditates on the Word of God. And though the person's outward body is the same there spiritual inward man is completely different. These persons begin to Love what God loves and Hate what God Hates. And if they Fall into Sin they quickly repent and get back on track because they are sorrowful about disappointing God their Heavenly Father who adopted them. These know they deserve to be in Hell but God choose to bestow His loving Grace and Mercy on them to the extent of their Salvation from God's Wrath and judgement on sinners. They are Eternally thankful and it shows in their lifestyle that there are God's recreation made according to His holiness. God has nothing Bad to say about these and they are surely heaven bound, because God The Holy Spirit has changed them and guaranteed them to God to be present in the Kingdom of Heaven made for all who God has Saved and Sanctified. Amen. Titus 3;5. 2 Corinthians 5;17. John 3;3-8. Ezekiel 36;25-27. Ephesians 2;4-5

10. What is the Bible?

The bible is God's Holy word written down and recorded for all generations of those who Love God and want to please Him and  it is also for those who want to know the Truth about all matters. God's word is perfect and has no errors and believing the message of the word which has not changed will save the soul of the believer. The Holy Bible is God's written revelation of Himself and there is no other book that bears that weight but the Bible and God's word is not being added to, the 1 book made of 66 books is finished and closed & there are no others neither addition thereto  . The bible alone is the written word of God and holds the true testimony of God's character and nature and it alone tells what is acceptable to Him and what is not, what is heaven bound and what is not, it bears the witness of God's relationship with Mankind concerning the good, bad, ugly, past, present, and Future. By far it is the most important book ever written throughout time and all people should believe it and take heed to it for our lives and well being depends on our response to it whether that's through reading it or just hearing it verbatim or it ministered in a message or anyway, there are consequences to our response to it, and these consequences could be of blessing or cursing to you depending on your response. John 17;17. Psalm 18;30. 2 Timothy 3;16. Proverbs 30;5-6. 2 Peter 1;21

11. Heaven?

Heaven in its most basic sense means the high place, this is why heaven in the bible can mean one of three things; it could mean The sky where the clouds is as a Heaven(high place), it could mean Space where the stars are as a High place(heaven) this would be considered the second heaven, then you have the HIGHEST PLACE or HIGHEST HEAVEN where God's dwelling place is, where His throne is, also this third and Highest Heaven is where those who believe and obey God go after they die, it is the paradise of God were all things worship God and there is no sin only perfect harmony and goodness. At some point soon God will put away all disobedient people and Heaven and Earth will be destroyed and put away and there will be a New Heaven and a New Earth merged together and this will be the Eternal Dwelling of all who believe and love God who have been the called out throughout all the ages.Revelation 2;7. Daniel 12;2. Matthew 7;21. Revelation 21;1-6

12.Hell/ The Lake of Fire.

Hell in its Biblical Eternal sense is a literal place that God created for Satan who is the Devil and the other angels that followed him in Satan's rebellion against Almighty God. This place was created to be a place of torment and suffering that has no end, it is a place of consistent torture and suffering inflicted on the sinner and disobedient individual in which God himself is empowering this place of suffering because of the Sin and disobedience committed against Him. God being a righteous Judge he will make sure that every bit of the lawbreakers sentence is served in Hell and the lake of fire because lawbreakers broke His law and didn't confess it and turn from it and they didn't began to believe the Truth with love for God and get on the path of righteousness. Though Hell and the Lake of fire which is The Eternal Hell intensified, though it was made for the Devil and his angelic followers God uses it to Eternally punish anyone who does not believe Him or biblically know Him for these are the people of disobedienceMatthew 18;9. Matthew 25;46. Revelation 20;11-15

13.God's Justice

The justice of God is a tremendous concept to understand, it is when God who is the Judge of everything and every Person exercises Justice in every way. This is when God punishes what is Wicked and lawless and rewards What is Good and Acceptable to Him. His Judgement is not based on what anyone thinks it is only based on what His word says and what He thinks. God has already declared a judgement on every person from beginning to end and the Judgement is we are all Lawbreakers and sinners and deserve to die and suffer being put into Hell away from God's goodness forever. That's everyone's Judgement, and we all know that if there is a judge on the bench who turns his head on lawbreaking and doesn't punish it and lets criminals get off because he feels like it THAT WOULD BE A UNRIGHTEOUS JUDGE therefore God being the ultimate pinnacle of a RIGHTEOUS JUDGE he cannot let Sin and Lawlessness go unpunished. Therefore Someone must be punished for the breaking of God's law because God is so JUST(Righteous in judgement).Hebrews 12;23. Acts 17;30-31. Job 34;12. Romans 12;9. 1 Samuel 26;23. Psalm 143;2

14. God's Mercy

The Mercy of God is when he relieves, pardons, forgives, or puts on hold Exercising Justice on Sin and Lawbreaking and disobedience. It is like God saying I should punish you, banish you from my goodness, and make you suffer and i have the power to do it and I should but I have chosen because of my own purposes not to do it. And He doesn't do it even though the sinner deserves every bit of God's wrath and punishment that God would throw at them. So mercy is A person not getting the punishment that they deserve. God shows a GENERAL Mercy to all people because God has already said that all People deserve Eternal Death&Suffering(Hell) but even in that, God does not inflict Eternal Consequences on us immediately as he could, He indeed has great patience with us usually giving us time to Heed His word and turn from our Sin. Now in God's RICH Saving Mercy he does not just temporarily withdraw the due punishment from a person but He actually Withdraws his punishment for all Eternity, He forgives and forgets it Completely and forever and this luxurious mercy and forgiveness is only to Believer's whom God has birthed again these folk are New creatures and true servants of Christ who know they ought to be in Hell for their Sin but God was merciful. Amen.Hebrews 8;12-13. Titus 3;5. Exodus 32;14. Psalm 130;3-5

15. God's Grace

The Grace of God is a amazing concept that reveals a Aspect of the character of God. God's Grace is expressed when He gives something, or does something for people who are undeserving. Therefore Grace is something given to you that you did not earn or work for, the reason the good thing was given to you or done for you is only because of the Giver and not the receiver cause the receiver deserves nothing because they didn't earn it. God is the giver of all Good things and He also is the ONE who turns the bad to good and He finds motive and reason within Himself to do the good he does to people, After all, no one can say He earned His birth and life for none of us worked our way into this earth realm we did not bring about our own conception but life and breath and being is all freely given by the Lord. And when it comes to God's Saving Grace which is when He saves the soul of a sinner, the Sinner deserves to be in Hell but God extends Saving Grace to the Lawbreaking sinner strictly for His own purposes because He wants to. Not because the Sinner wants change but Because God wants the Sinner to change and become His so the Newly Redeemed Person will be saved from the Wrath of God and have all Blessing and benefit from now throughout all Eternity not because the person was good, deserving, or has merit but because of the Grace displayed from God's generous character. Ephesians 2;7-9. James 1;17. Deuteronomy 9;4-8. 1 Corinthians 4;7. Deuteronomy 8;17-18. Acts 17;25

16. God's Love

The Love of God is most greatly expressed in the Sacrifices and patience of God, God's love is when he makes a big Big sacrifice for people who are unworthy and undeserving. God's acts of love include Sacrificing His own life, Sharing His Holiness, Sharing His Riches, even sharing his praiseworthiness, He Sacrifices and shares all of this with people who not only dont deserve anything good but deserves every punishment conceived in the mind of God. We are those people who deserve every punishment of God there is but the Love of God moved God to take the punishment for all people whether they reverence God or not. But only those who are Saved by God's Grace and Mercy who have Believed God and Repented of their wickedness will God share His Holiness, riches, and goodness with forever. Only those who Believe and Serve Christ will the ultimate Sacrifice of Christ atone for, for all Eternity. So when thinking of God's love you should always think about what God Sacrifices and how he waits with mercy and grace on the unworthy, undeserving and irreverent.  ​John 3;16-17. Romans 5;8. Deuteronomy 7;8

17. God's Sovereignty(Control or Authority)

I must say The Sovereignty of God is not spoken of enough and when it is spoken of it is usually spoken of in the wrong sense or context although this part of God's character can be very complex. For a person to say they are sovereign would be for them to mean they are a King and rules their jurisdiction without having to answer to anybody also being in position and power to do whatever they want without interference. A sovereign ruler can allow things and not allow things it all depends on him and his permission but notice the ruler may not be the person doing it but nothing is done unless the sovereign ruler/king permits it whether directly or indirectly. God is Like this as well He can do what He wants, when He wants, How He wants and know one can stop Him or accuse Him of wrong. He makes decision based on His own purposes and has Almighty power to execute these decisions and judgement's that please Him, there is nothing in the earth and all the universe that He Himself has not personally done or at least allowed by giving permission to happen. He is never surprised because He knows Everything, Hears Everything, and makes beforehand decisions of Everything. And No one or thing can stop His predetermined plan because God is the ultimate Sovereign KING of all the universe, the whole universe is His jurisdiction and God does what He does, and Allows what He Allows for His own purposes. So when you pray and Ask God for something just know you cant make Him do anything and you declaring something is only valid, if God is for it and gives the yes, and No event has ever happen in world history apart from God either Himself doing it or authoritatively allowing it in some way, either way its all " Under His Thumb". Psalms 115;3. Isaiah 43;13. Isaiah 45;7-9. Romans 9;16-20

18. What is Biblical Faith?

There is much talk these days and people are saying a a phrase "just have faith" they're speaking very general but this is not biblical Faith, there is a very particular Way of Faith that pleases God and that's the kind of faith we need to be saved. After all the Scripture says "we are saved by Faith", and, ''The one whom God calls Righteous is the man who lives by Faith". Therefore we must have Faith to be Accepted by God, and The Faith that God's People live by is a Faith that is completely Expressed by being fully Assured and Persuaded in whatever was said to you by God. Its a attitude that says God said it, I believe it, Therefore i will act upon it. Its God saying it will rain and everything will be drowned and perish and God also saying I choose to be good and merciful to you so i'm giving you a heads up to build a boat so you and your family will be saved from the flood and even though it has never rained you believe God and build a boat because you believe Him and you are thankful for His Grace and intervention. As you know that was Noah's story, one of the main keys to Faith is not just believing anything but rather believing What God has said in His word or direction. If God doesn't give a word you don't have anything to believe, but we know God has given a word and that is Scripture(Bible) which we are commanded to believe and act upon because we believe it and this kind of faith is what pleases God. Romans 4;18-21. James 2;14-26. Hebrews 11;1. Hebrews 11;7

19. How important is biblical faith?

Biblical Faith is very important because without Faith in who God is and what He has said, he says you cannot please Him. You can be very obedient to His word, go to Church a lot, Help a lot of people, read and know and quote a lot of Scripture and do many other good things but if you don't believe THE GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST you are not saved. To believe The Gospel message you must understand The Gospel Message to some reasonable degree. I am Glad to tell whoever is reading this who may not know the gospel message, i am glad to tell you the gospel message is on this site and explained thoroughly. And once you believe the Message, God will then begin making you More and More Holy and Submitted to Him in obedience you will begin to fulfill the character of the true saint and child of God you are as soon as you truly believe on the Lord Jesus. And you should not just believe the Gospel Message which Saves, but also all of what God says in His word because this is pleases God and brings about rewards and benefits.Hebrews 11;6. Romans 4;22-25. Hebrews 10;38. Romans 4;15-16

20. What is Sanctification?

Sanctification is like a two way street it is something that God does and is doing and something you have done and are doing. Sanctification is the act of Setting yourself apart for God's special use, in a more general sense it is making something Holy making it sacred, making something that may have been regular or trivial, special and unique or even peculiar and not regular any more.When something is being sanctified it is now set apart as Holy and must continue to be revered as such. Sanctification from God's end is God once and for all Setting you apart for Himself and His work, its Him separating you from the world and the way of the world and making you Holy and righteous as He is. And even though God has separated you for Himself for all eternity, while you are on this earth he continues to purify you of all that is not like Him and detestable. Now your end is to agree with what God is doing, because God is the aggressor and when He begins to Sanctify you, you must then set your Mind and Heart to Be sanctified as well. This means you saying no to evil, saying yes to God and growing in the knowledge of God while obeying His word and doing all of this whether things are hard or easy.Deuteronomy 4;34-35. 1 Peter 2;9. Deuteronomy 7;6 1 Peter 3;15. 2 Corinthians 6;17-18 

21. Does Sanctification Matter?

Yes, Sanctification does matter it is very important because the goal of God is to redeem a people for himself and redeem a people like Himself in other words a people who has His Character and His mindset and His desires. God does not Save people from His wrath and then allows them to keep living like the Devil, rather He saves them so they will praise Him for His goodness and so He can have a Eternal Assembly of people who are like Him in Character and personality, these are Juniors in a way, God Himself being the Daddy. So in a way Salvation is only a goal for Sanctification, it is not in the plan and Agenda of God at all to Save and Not Sanctify. If A person says they're saved but they do not display the Holiness and righteousness of God in their living they are lying or mistaken and need to more vehemently Seek God and his power in their Life by Faith, trusting what God has said He will do for all who truly seek Him. Two Way Sanctification is a main indicator whether salvation is present within and upon the person. 2 Corinthians 13;5. Romans 8;28-29. Hebrews 12; 5-8

22. What kind of works are Acceptable to God?

It is not a good idea to just start doing stuff for God that you think he would like. God says in His word what He likes and dislikes and we should get familiar with those things  before we begin our doings. God likes for His people to do many things from Helping others, to financial giving, Sacrificial love offering for brethren and ministry, Praying, Praising God for who He is and What He's done etc. But What God seems to be very Excited about is the word being Taught, The Gospel being spread abroad, The edifying of His People, Witnessing at Foot locker or the Family reunion i'm speaking of common places or awkward places tell people, friends, family about The Lord and His way. But no matter what it is if its in the word and commanded whether it seems minor or major we should do it, also we should know our gifts and talents and advantages from God so we can use them to bring him glory. Romans 12;1-2. Psalms 96;25. Ephesians 4;15-16

23. What kind of things that are not Acceptable?

Just as there are many things that are acceptable works, there are many things that are none acceptable works and those things we should leave alone and not do. The devil will try and trick you for sure to do something that brings great shame to God. Through causing people to look at you and feel a lower standard of Holiness is alright or to despise God because of you his follower being so disobedient and disrespectful to His word. Sins like Sexual Immorality, or Bold Face lying, or Adultery to name a few, The devil is counting on you to commit to shame our loving God. Also doing things or saying things God has not said or commanded is not good to do because God is not backing your deeds or words and your spreading a false expectation. So be careful not to succumb to ungodliness or that which is of no spiritiual avail.Ephesians 4;29. Romans 14;23. 1 Thessalonians 12;8. Ephesians 5;16-17. 2 Corinthians 2;11. Galatians 5;19-21

24. The Goal of God's Redemption.

The Goal of God's redemption is to bring some in Mankind back to the state that we fell from when the first man Sinned. Adam who is the First Biological Father of all us sinned and fell from God's special goodness and blessed responsibility and perfection he had so God counted all Man as that one Man and that means God counted all People as sinners and we all lost good standing with God. But through Jesus Christ who is called the Second and Last man we can be restored back to sonship, blessing, and Eternal reward and benefit, in so many words we can be restored back to Adamhood and even better. God is working out his plan and Has been working out His plan from the jump because He has predetermined to Have a Holy and thankful people for Himself who know they have received Good only by the hand of God's Grace and Mercy and that alone.Romans 5;14-21. Romans 8;28-30. Revelation 21;7. Revelation 22;2-6. Revelation 21;21-27. Ephesians 1;3-12