End Times, Last Days, Rapture

  • Tedashi- Keep the Faith
  • Flame- 2nd Coming
  • Shai Linne- the Millennium
  • Shai Linne- Come, Lord, Jesus, Come

How God Saves People

  • Lecrae- Take me as i am
  • Shai Linne- Regeneration
  • Mike Real- Vital Signs
  • Israel- You Found me
  • Gateway worship- O the Blood

The Fallenness and wickedness of man in the world

  • Flame- World view
  • Clear Sight Music- wishing wells
  • Lecrae- Strung out
  • Flame- Know the times

Having a Christ-Like mind unto devotion, praise, and good works.

  • Lecrae- After the music stops
  • Israel- More & More
  • Lecrae- Go hard
  • K B- 100
  • Mali Music- All i have to give
  • Tasha Cobbs- smile
  • Lecrae- Souled out

Music is a very powerful tool in the hand of the Artist and/or composer, it can be used to bring great Glory to God or used to attempt to tear His kingdom down and dethrone Him. Music made for God is a delight to Him, and God himself encourages Blessed spiritual melodies and sounds and hymns of all sorts that are praise and glory to God. (Ephesians 5;19).Music has been used for ages to glorify God, teach doctrine, praise and worship God, all the while embedding TRUTH. Therefore I saw fit to share with the world many songs and albums that have helped me in my walk with Christ, to understand Him, and His will better while giving Him the Praise due to His name.      

These are Classic Rap and Worship Albums that are full of Biblical TRUTH.

                ​ Christian Rap

  • Lecrae- Rebel
  • Shai Linne- Lyrical Theology
  • Flame- Forward
  • Any Mineo- Formaly Known
  • K B- 100
  • 116- 13 Lettters
  • Trip Lee- 20/20
  • Trip Lee- between two worlds
  • Clear Sight Music- Jesus or Nothing
  • Mike Real- Mind of Hollis
  • Trip Lee- The Good Life
  • Lecrae- After the Music Stops
  • Flame- Our world redeemed


  • Mali Music- 2nd Coming
  • Gateway Worship- God be praised
  • Tasha Cobbs- Grace
  • Israel- The Power of One
  • Kristine Alicia- Get Ready
  • David Crowder Band- Roughly All Albums
  • Chris Tomlin- Roughly All Albums

Good Music For the Believer

​​Eternal Life Matters Youtube Playlist

These are Songs that directly teach, encourage, and inform the hearer concerning Biblical Doctrine and Holy Attitude & Conduct.