Household Blessings

How can a child of God invoke Blessing on their household?
We can look at a man in the Bible named
Obed-edom for wisdom on this matter.

         Obed-edom is not mentioned that much in the Bible but the story of him if considered will bless you. Primarily because Odeb-edom was a regular guy, not of a Majestic family, a Outsider and pretty much a average Joe as the rest. But the difference was He had a high reverence for God and was courageous enough to step out on the limb and honor God leading his whole family and house to reverence God and be used of the Lord.
It is no coincidence that
 1 Chronicles ch. 26  records that there were particular men who were chosen to handle the resources and finances of God that came in from the people to honor God and which was given toward the worship done in the Temple. Many of these men had previously showed themselves worthy of such a privilege.

        Obed-edom was one whom particularly it was no coincidence was chosen seeing that He, His brethren and sons had already showed themselves worthy. Because Obed-edom and his household previously volunteered their house for the ark of the covenant to come to. After King David and the people were trying to carry it from point A to B but realized they were carrying it all wrong and this error caused the Holy Ark to almost fall to the ground and the man Uzzah reached out to prevent the ark from falling and touched it and died because he presumed wrongfully. This happened due to the fact God commanded that no one was to ever touch the ark lest they die because it was so Holy and contained His powerful presence. (
2 Samuel ch.6)
       Moreover it happened to be a wise move on Obed-edom's part, {after Uzzah died because of his own wrong presumption},  to let the ark come to his house because the whole time that the ark was in Obed-edom's household, he & his family was being Blessed richly and abundantly for 3 whole months. All the way until King David came to move the  Ark in a  proper manner back to Jerusalem its rightful place and Obed-Edom had  a very large family but all of them were being richly Blessed while the Ark of God was there. (
2 Samuel ch. 6)
And this move on Obed-edom's part evidently showed his wisdom, courage, & faithfulness concerning handling the things of God. It proved courage seeing that he wasn't afraid to have the Ark of God in his house, it proved faithfulness because he and his family did not mishandle or dishonor the Ark while it was in their household, we know this because none of them died. It also showed he had experience handling the prosperity of God along with his household.
    Which this is what most likely lead the King to give him and his sons a position for the upcoming Temple in build to manage the goods and finances that came through the gates and off the sea ports. Which would also cause his blessing to continue on his whole house. This perpetual blessing is definitely rooted in nothing else but the unearned favor of God. (
1 Chronicles ch. 26)
There is much to be gleaned from the story & blessing of Obed-Edom.
➡️ Here are a few Exhortations⤵️
#Be Courageous.
#Reverence God highly.
#Let you and yours be used for the Glory of Christ Jesus & the common good
#Remember God blesses those who faithfully & courageously bless His name.