How should Single Saved women live?

   Video/Testimonial/& Tips

   Tips for Single Women

by Shanta M Modica

1.)  1.Repent of your sinful life and become a New creature in Christ    2. Begin to seek your Identity in Christ  & Embrace God’s Plan for Your Life.

2.) Develop a Passionate Relationship with Christ. Especially. (A Life of prayer & Discernment)

3.) Stay Connected to other believers who are passionate about the Gospel & God’s word! Most importantly enjoy love and sow seeds of love wherever you go! Allow God to show you true love through relationships of kin and friendships.  God will provide that anointed connection to be in good company.

4.) Accept Purification, Enjoy the Pure Life, (Don’t Conform, Set Standards, Don’t Settle, Know Your WORTH!)

5.) Flow in Modesty, God’s style is not a Trend, (Be God’s daughter who glows.)

6.) Let the Anointing pour (Find your Passion and Purpose) let’s focus on your goals, missions, ideas, and opportunities.)

7.) Let Your Mind and Body Be Renewed (Prayer and Meditation, Health & Fitness.)

8.) Serve (Stay busy for God’s Kingdom, cultivating the gifts of the Holy Spirit.)

9.) Embrace God’s Plan for Your Life!!!

11.) Renew Your Mind in God’s Word!!!!

12.) Praise, Worship, and Honor God with Your Life!