‚ÄčKnow God before you know each other


By  Robert Simmons

Subject: Wisdom & Relationships

 Many of us want a Intimate, Blessed, faithful, even hopeful relationship with a significant other of the opposite sex, and this desire is a noble God given desire that he has blessed mankind with who are made in his image and after his likeness. But the problem is, we human beings are bent on doing things our way and end up putting the God who created marriage out of marriage. This is a major error because it is a great insult to God when we take His gift and use and abuse it according to our way. So to help others, the same way we have been helped, Eternal Life Matters outreach w/ Robert Simmons has boiled it down to 6 reasons why you should know God before you know each other. Because it would behoove us all to Seek the Creator before we seek the creation, and if we know the way of the Creator we will have more understanding of the way of the creation. So these are the 6 reasons you should know God before you know each other:

1. God is the best Example

2.God has what you desire

3.God is inexhaustible

4.God is the best reason for Morality

5. God never Changes

6. God is Powerful

The Video above will break all of these points down, and explain the benefit in Knowing God first.