Article By; R. Wilson

Subject; Proper Intimate Relationship​     



In an era where everything and everyone important is supposedly being redefined, it is important for those who want to know Absolute Truth along with its benefits to know what God says about the matter at hand. I believe in my generation and culture the topic of Marriage v. Cohabitation(Shacking) is very well past due for much discussion in our society. Let’s go over some of the pros and cons of both marriage and cohabitation starting with the cons of cohabitation. For any reader who is unfamiliar with what “Shacking” or Cohabiting is it is when 2 People live together as if they are married for a short or extended time, and this concept is not new to the world but can be considered very shameful in some societies in the world. I believe Shame has its rightful place in the societies that frown down upon it, I feel this way because shacking is what I would call a cowards covenant. A traditional marriage covenant which was established by God requires a man to formally, boldly, responsibly propose his interest to a woman. To take her to be his wife in a certain but short length of time, a marriage covenant requires vows and legal binds and documents that you purposely and clearly have to sign and agree to. And this kind of purposeful action shows you are willingly, clearly, and even happily entering a love agreement with your betrothed spouse and that you intend to fullfil your end of the marriage vows till death do you part. But in a “Cowards Covenant” it’s the Man or Woman implying I want sexual, financial, and mental benefits without a legal marital Agreement, or Vows of accountability. In other words their saying I want marital benefits without getting the 2 greatest powers that exist involved which is First God, then the Government. This is what makes the Cowards Covenant so cowardly it’s the passive way of love and its not what God intended when He made the first 2 People Male and Female, Husband and Wife and established the order of Marriage forever by saying a man leaves His Father and mother and cleaves to His Wife and the two become one flesh.- Genesis 2;24.

           In Cohabitation there are no defined does and don’ts or behavioral expectations that are backed up by a higher power that can enforce justice for the faithful, and judgment on the Covenant breaker. It’s almost like an agreement wrote in the sand it is so disfavored and without respect and even somewhat childishly laughable. Because when things go wrong all everyone has to do is walk away and that’s the end no more worries it didn’t take much to get in it and it didn’t take much to get out. This whole concept of Cohabitation is never good if children are involved because it shows inconsistency and brings confusion. If your shacking and have children together and one of you get mad at the other, the one who is irritated can just pack up and leave without any thought because there was never any expectation, there is no Spiritual, Legal mediator or counselor to help you reflect and remember the Marriage covenant you made because you have no marriage covenant. There is much to be said about the cons of cohabitation but I will be short, Lastly there is no fear in shacking. The Believer fears the consequences and displeasure of God when shacking presents itself. And usually all married men fears the consequences of divorce. This is a healthy and good fear because this fear causes both spouses to really consider the consequences of a separation or divorce, but the one who cohabitates has little or no fear. One reason he has no fear is there is no Legal document that can cause him to take loss in some way as a married man would, He also has no fear because they really don’t believe what God says in His word the Bible. God says all people who practice Fornication(Sexual Immorality, Premarital Sex) will not inherit the Kingdom of God and also they have a place waiting for them in the Eternal lake of fire where there is everlasting torment. Chances are if you live together as a couple you are also probably sexually active without being married. And if you are One who says I just live with the person and we try not to have sex but still be together or your engaged and don’t want to wait to wait till your actually married before you live together. This kind of behavior is still Sin because the Scripture says “Do not give provision for the Lustful flesh to fulfil the lustful desires of itself.-Romans 13; 14. In other words do not put yourself in a situation that could cause you to fall into lustful sin. The Scripture also says “can a man scoop fire upon his chest and not get burned” Proverbs 6; 27 the answer is No. Therefore if you’re playing with fiery lust you will be burned with consequences because the Lust is so hot you are very, very likely to fall into fornication. So if you care about God’s pleasure and His Perfect Will, you will not put yourself in a tempting situation like that and if you have you must Repent and turn to God’s way. The Perfect Will of God is, is that if you desire Covenant Fellowship and Marital Covenant Benefits you will pursue and enter the Marriage Covenant this is the will of God and what is Acceptable to God. Because God does not just promote heavenly sanctified instruction but also Earthly Instruction and common grace for all people. Marriage is a common grace Covenant given to mankind starting with Adam who all People has come from. And when marriage is disfavored God takes it personal because you reject His common Grace. I hope this has been helpful and Expository of the reality of the Marriage Covenant v. Shacking the “Cowards Covenant.” 


Marriage vs. Shacking