Sanctity in Everything


You have your holy things and your Most holy things. Leviticus 21:22

Everything is Holy, sacred, or sanctified, that is not evil or ungodly within itself. But some things such as Scripture or things that are Spiritual, or things that are directly unto God or for Him directly is (Most Holy) (especially to the Holy believer).

  Example- The work I do at My Job is sacred or Holy because I do it as if I was doing it for the Lord and not man. So therefore company work should be held in regard because things that are sacred or Holy should be held in regard with care, My occupation is Holy because it is done as unto the Lord so I must treat it accordingly.

          Now evangelizing or teaching the gospel & the Kingdom is spiritual work that is directly for the Lord it is (Most Holy), and (Most sacred) and should be held in the Highest regard with the most care because it is spiritual and direct work for the Lord therefore Most Holy, and Most sacred.


 (*)Everything good and beneficial that helps or brings joy or happiness that is not forbidden is sacred or Holy because it is from God who is Holy, and it is common sense to hold in High regard and esteem reasonably something good somebody gives you out of the kindness of their heart, especially if you hold the person who kindly gave you the things in high regard, and surely God should be held in High regard. James 1:17, Matthew 25:14 -30, and 1 Peter 1:15.
    Ex. If a young man truly loves his father dearly and his father buys him a car with his hard earned money and gives it to his dear son, the young man will count that car special and will treat it with care he will not abuse it or let anyone else abuse it out of respect for his father who gave it to him, it’s not so much the car that within itself is sacred to the young man rather it’s his dad who brings great value to the car in his eyes who worked hard to give it to Him. So his dad is what causes the car to be special or sacred to the young man. Likewise if God gives something it should be handled with care and not frivolous because God gave it, thus making it sacred and special.


 (*)Sanctity in the Ten Commandments or the law. One of the things revealed in the Ten Commandments is that many things we don’t consider sacred or Holy really are sacred and Holy, and should be held in high regard. Because it is from God and is good and should not be violated or harmed. So God says do not do certain things to protect and show the sanctity in other things He has established.
1. The command; Do not kill, why?
Because life is from God and is sacred, it should be held in regard, and with much respect and care for it is the very gift of God “For in Him we live, move, and have being.” “We are all His offspring.”

2. Do Not commit adultery. Why?
Because God has Established Marriage as a blessing for mankind and it is to be used for the worship and service of God. The Scripture says “when a man finds a wife he finds a good thing”, the Scripture also says, “Every Good thing is from God”. We see marriage was meant to be exclusive between 1 man and 1 woman because God said “ I made them male and female and the 2 shall become one flesh in marriage” so therefore do not commit adultery because you will be "separating what God has established to remain", and because the Marriage Covenant is Sacred because it is from God along with all its benefits and stipulations.

 3. Do not lie. Why?
Because Scripture implies that a Lie will pervert justice in other words it causes people to not judge things fairly and people get ripped off, or the wrong person suffers injury or detriment unjustly.(Proverbs 11;1). And this command “Do Not Lie” shows just how valuable and sacred HONESTY AND TRUTH is to society and God. Lets remember that the Devil is the Father of lies, and the Lord is the God of Truth. Therefore God who cannot lie has put an emphasis on being Honest and true and the virtue of Honesty is from God thus making it sacred.

And there is revelation in all the commandments concerning what is sacred.



Evidence of sacredness in things protected.   God has ordained authorities and offices to avenge, protect, and contend for the things God has given and entrusted to men. Because men misuse and abuse and even violate things that are sacred and Holy and Most Holy.
 Policeman and officials protect, avenge, and contend for goods, money, life, consensual sex, honesty, business, etc, because it is sacred and from God. God has appointed them to attend to the maintaining of protection of it and to evoke fear into the abusers. God doesn’t want people taking or harming or violating what He has gave men to enjoy or gave to promote life and honest living because all these things are from God, thus these Activities and privileges are Sacred because God is Sacred who gives them and promotes them. Likewise God has appointed Spiritual Church Ministers who are believers to contend for the Faith and Scriptures and the Truth to contend for the way of God and Christ because the things of God are Most Holy and must be appropriated properly with extreme care according to the TRUTH. And when false teachers or any false hood or entity try's to pervert, twist, or challenge God and His things the minister's of God should war against it and protect the truth and guard it by proving the fault of the adversary in love but with firmness, so a lie will not spread abroad unchallenged or uncontested.