​Should the believer stand and fight against the evil of this present world?

Article by; R. Wilson

Subject; Spiritual Combat

When you hear the words Christian and fight in the same sentence many who hear it probably will soon after have a frown or some look of confusion like those two words don’t belong in the same sentence. But what many people don’t know is the believer who truly walks with Christ fights and wars exceedingly more than any other people or intetity. God has given his people clear commands to contend for the Faith that has been passed down to us. - Jude 1. Likewise stand and fight against the wickedness in the world which has been set up by the devil. Ephesians 6: 12-13

The fight and war of the believer is to build and benefit and also tear down and destroy. The believer is called to tear down and bring to nothing everything that sets itself against God and his way or will. This fight also consist of exposing the lies and deceit of the devil that He uses to confuse and trick the nations of the world. The believer should shoot down and prove wicked any idea the tries to rise up against the truth of Scripture. - 2 Corinthians 10:5.

In this part of the war of destroying and tearing down things that oppose God, Christ our commander and chief gives us armor for defense and two weapons for offence. The two weapons are the word of God and fervent prayer. The fight is not physical or with carnal weapons, rather, the fight is spiritual and mental and the walls of Satan’s kingdom exist as deception and strongholds on people keeping them bound to sin unto death and afterward eternal hell. So with that being said we see why the wickedness of this world must be exposed and shot down using prayer and the word. if your a believer after hearing all of that your next question may be how do I use scripture and prayer to fight against Satan’s evil agenda.

Scripture (The word of God) is called in this warfare “the sword of the Spirit “-Ephesians 6:17. The word should be used in personal combat with whatever or whoever tries to promote sin and Satan’s agenda. When someone proclaims, promotes, or even believes and holds on to a lie against the truth the saint should step up and refute the attack against God and mankind. You do this by teaching and proclaiming and promoting what God has said about the matter. Exposing why God hates the thing while also explaining what God loves and accepts. We speak death on anything that is cursed and ungodly and life on anything that is good which exalts God. We use the word of God as our authority to prove what is good and acceptable to God in our lives and to help the life of the community as well, and we use the word to expose and fight against what is not good and Holy in the eyes of God for man . For example to name a few; we war against abortion through proving through the word that it is murder. Thus saving many lives through those who hear and heed and save the life of their unborn child. We expose sexual immorality for what it truly is in all its various forms, we use the word to expose the perversion and detriment thereof. We come against false teachings and religions that lead people to a fiery hell we use scripture to prove these falsehoods and show they all teach a work-based righteousness to get into heaven. In other words these false religions say you can earn your way into heaven through doing good but we know that’s a lie because we all have sinned and God’s punishment for sin is death and hell. Therefore if we all deserve Eternal Hell then the truth is only by God’s grace and mercy through Jesus Christ can anyone be admitted into paradise. We use those tactics with our sword and we tear down this present evil agenda of Satan and ungodly men.

We build up and benefit many people through praying to God that he transform sinners to holy believers. We teach and minister the promises of God to all, so that it will be known what the precious, blessed hope is for all who are in covenant agreement with the God of all creation. This kind of ministering prayerfully provokes people to seek God the giver of all good things from eternal to temporal goodness. Building people up through teaching them sound doctrine in Scripture also helps strip away pride from their hearts, if they believe the truth. And only the word of the gospel of Christ when believed brings eternal salvation and blessing to the soul and people who were once rapist, thieves, liars, homosexuals, adulterers, harden criminals, murders, etc., are transformed by the word and power of God into Holy God fearing peaceful people who stand for Truth and righteousness now.

We see the believer fighting against wickedness and the evil agenda benefits everyone from the believer to the unbeliever. And if the believer's cease to fight against Satan’s ungodly plans and just allows the wickedness of man to flourish unchallenged. The innocent ones would become victims of all sorts of injustice and the Gospel agenda would be suffocated, (if it were possible). So to all the lord’s soldier’s keep fighting because life and Eternal life is at hand, I your fellow solider salute you. Amen.