Article by; R. Wilson

Subject; Modern Technology


In the United States we cleave to our smart phones so much and so hard that if it were possible I say with laughter they would replace the responsibility of our spouse minus sex and human presence. Think about it we spend hours of time on our phones every day for various reasons. We pay our bills through our phones, we are mentally engaged through our phones, our phones remind us or tell us what the daily agenda is we even fall asleep to our phones. Now there was a time in history when a husband and wife would fulfill those needs for one another, but in my day the smart phone has become the companion and helper to the lonely and needy. I don’t believe God condones this kind of dependency and timely consuming fellowship with smartphone technology.

          God designed us human beings in our structure for personal relationship with one another. God has also designed the concept of agreements so people would depend on one another, to fulfill their needs and expectations while ultimately depending on God. It appears like historical sociological reasoning in the area of personal interaction is slowly but shortly diminishing because of advancing technology. I must admit there are some wonderful benefits to having an advanced app capable smart phone. There are benefits such as; if a person would like to hear the blessed words of scripture because their visually impaired or too busy to read but wants the word playing in the atmosphere wherever they are, smart phones has made that possible.

          Even though there is still vast ignorance in the land, smart phones enable people who would never go to college, hardly ever go to the library and lacks funds for a computer with internet access to become knowledgeable through hand held online access that comes with phone servicing. With that kind of technology handy information is at your fingertips and wisdom is at your reach and reason. And God says it is good “to receive the instruction of wisdom on justice, right-living, and fairness and also to give prudence to the simple one and knowledge to the young one…” (Proverbs 1:3-4). There are a few more benefits as well like being able to track your loved one if harm is happening to them or instead of carrying many technological devices all the time, smart phones can consolidate many technical devices for use within itself. These “super phones” has unfortunately taken away a lot of jobs from people but I must also add they have provided jobs for people as well.

          In concluding this article I must say smart phones do benefit society in a major way. In the same breathe I will also say smart phones when abused, over-used, and misappropriated can diminish righteous fellowship, and acceptable social personal interaction that God has ordained from ages ago. The church, marriage, the feasts and gatherings in the Old Testament, communion in the New Testament, all of these commanded gatherings and celebrations is God’s way of promoting personal righteous fellowship for people throughout the ages. The Lord has wired us human beings to have a need and inclination and even a comfort while in the presence of another person you are comfortable with. And it seems that smart phone technology when over used has stolen the affection the society once had for personal conversation and interaction. It is sad because we have exchanged getting to know each other better and entertaining one another with being entertained and intrigued by whatever app is being displayed on our phones. And even through personal interaction and communication can bring about exchanging of germs, wicked plotting, or unwanted acquaintances etc., God has ordained acts of much righteous fellowship for His creations who are made in His image and likeness and we should be enjoying the benefit of it. This is a Truth you should never forget; God’s institutes will, and always will outlast man’s technology. 

Smart Phones; Blessing or Hindrance