The advent of the English Bible and How it Changed the world.

In these last times there are many groups and beliefs that have rose up to try and Disprove The Holy Bible and what it stands for. The Videos and Articles  below have been made and posted to help Reassure the Truth and validity of God's ONLY written word to you and the history behind how man has come to receive and recognize God's Holy word the Bible. And this becomes important when considering Eternal Life which Jesus clearly defines as a Eternal Relationship of Knowing God and His sent Son Christ Jesus. Which we understand to a high degree depends on what we Know of God from Scripture. 

Scripture: Koran vs. Bible/ Inspiration vs. Dictated/ The Roots of Islam

Historical Reception & Recognition of Scripture.

3 Abrahamic Religions But One Truth.

TANAKH, Holy Bible, Quran

The History of the Bible

Historical Timelines & Facts about books of the Bible.

History of the King  James Bible (Documentary)

Why its called the Bible

Historical Facts about the Bible

The Purpose of Different Translations