P.S  to All who now may have just begun to Believe and Change for the Lord.


  (  If you will allow me to, let me admonish you with a few points that will help you in your walk, seeing you plan to Continue in Christ's word and will, within His goodness and mercy.)

  • Join and be in weekly fellowship with a bible believing, Spirit lead, orderly, Sound doctrine preaching Church, if you don't know of one, ask God for help finding one, and God promises if you seek, you will find. (Good preaching of the word and fellowship with mature Holy believers is essential to your walk with Christ.)

  • Read your bible a lot, study the Scriptures to know who God is, seek God's face in His word this needs to be a regular thing you do, like eating and bathing, you must not go to long without it.

  • Trust and lean on what you learn to be TRUTH from the word of God and solid preaching, depend on God's promises and guarantee's. Train yourself to be governed by God's standard of righteousness and principles. 

  • Strive for total obedience to God's word, and purify yourself of all things that defile.

Why is the Message about Jesus Good News(Gospel)?⬇️
# To begin we must consider why any type of good news is considered good. Good News is typically considered good because whatever event is being reported to you could have been bad, bleak, or sad but instead it happened to be good or beneficial to you. Likewise the Good news of Jesus is that the destruction that could and should of been on us, did not come upon us! Because of the bestowed Grace and Mercy of God through Jesus the Messiah upon us.

# What could of been extremely bad News is: That when God considered our Sin and disobedience toward Him that He could have decided to Exercise Justice on our lawlessness towards His commands. This would mean that we all receive the guilty sentence & penalty of death and then Eternal punishment as prescribed in God's Holy Law (For scripture says "All people have sinned"). But God chose a more compassionate and merciful opportunity for mankind especially upon all who turn from their own way to Believe on the Holy God the Creator, this⬇️ is the GOOD NEWS.⬇️
##The GOOD NEWS is Instead of bringing doom to all Mankind, God the Father devised a plan to redeem some of mankind through sending His Son Jesus the Christ. This Jesus the Son of God was sent here to willingly take the punishment for all people because all have sinned but He Himself knew No Sin neither disobedience. Jesus suffered and died in our place through suffering the wrath of God for us. And we know this is true because God the Father raised Him from the dead after being dead for 3  days to prove that He(Jesus) was the Truth and Messiah who atoned for our Sin, because God would not of raised a liar from the dead. And remember Jesus says this of Himself: "I am the Way, the Truth, and The Life; No one comes to the FATHER *God but through me". Therefore Jesus the Christ is the only way to God & Heaven!

# Now God commands people everywhere to Repent(change your mind and direction of life) and also Believe what you just heard in order to Escape the Eternal Punishment that is coming on all who reject Christ and are ungodly. In doing this God will THEN receive you with open arms and Give you Eternal Life, Blessing, and Goodness dwelling with Him & being in His family forever and Ever.

Scripture Ref: Romans Ch.5, & Acts 17; 24-31, John Ch.14

The Gospel Message of Jesus Christ