The Gospel message, is a message about Jesus the Christ who is the Son of God and the Savior of the world, the true apostolic biblical message about Jesus must be believed and embraced if a person wants to be saved from God's wrath that shall come on all who reject the Gospel, and upon all who do not know God. Therefore it is Extremely important that the Gospel message be heard and explained to all who are willing to hear it. And in this Gospel Message below i endeavor to show and explain the importance of Jesus Christ and what He has done for all and accomplished for all who trust Him.

              P.S  to All who now may have just begun to Believe and Change for the Lord.


  (  If you will allow me to, let me admonish you with a few points that will help you in your walk, seeing you plan to Continue in Christ's word and will, within His goodness and mercy.)

  • Join and be in weekly fellowship with a bible believing, Spirit lead, orderly, Sound doctrine preaching Church, if you don't know of one, ask God for help finding one, and God promises if you seek, you will find. (Good preaching of the word and fellowship with mature Holy believers is essential to your walk with Christ.)

  • Read your bible a lot, study the Scriptures to know who God is, seek God's face in His word this needs to be a regular thing you do, like eating and bathing, you must not go to long without it.

  • Trust and lean on what you learn to be TRUTH from the word of God and solid preaching, depend on God's promises and guarantee's. Train yourself to be governed by God's standard of righteousness and principles. 

  • Strive for total obedience to God's word, and purify yourself of all things that defile.

  The Good News(The Gospel)


 Jesus, Why we need Him

The Gospel of Jesus Christ could directly be translated the Good news of Jesus the Messiah, this good news is the explicit story or message about Jesus identity, works, life, death, and resurrection which is all very important to believe and know if you want to be saved from God’s wrath that shall come upon all the unbelieving and ungodly. Jesus is the Son of God and co-existed with God the Father before anything was made or created Christ is also Eternal Creator and Sustainer of all things and He in His Deity is Equal to God the Father in all ways.(John 1;1-4, 14) (John 20;31). God the Father sent Jesus from Heaven to Earth to die for the Sins of all people, that is, to receive the punishment himself that others who have done wrong deserve. The Bible says all people have sinned and done wrong and not lived up to God’s righteous standard.(Romans 3;23) And because we have sinned and done wrong we deserve to die and suffer an Eternal Hell away from God’s good presence according to God’s righteous consequences.( Romans 6;23)(Revelation 21;8) And God could of punished all Human Beings like this because we all deserve punishment but instead out of love He worked out a plan for anyone who is willing and believing of Him.

God's Plan of Salvation
 The plan was to send Jesus, God’s only begotten Son who was born of a Virgin to come to earth having become a man, to live a perfectly righteous life according to God’s standard, and Accomplish many other things written in the Scriptures, Above all He was sent to suffer and die for the sins of the world, to actually be punished as if He himself was the sinner and lawbreaker though He was actually perfect, for after He would make Atonement for the people His perfection would be freely Accounted to all who Believe Him, even though no one has completely entirely lived perfectly like Him. Also after He Accomplished all these things God did what He said He would do in raising Christ from the dead, and He was raised and possess’ all power. ( 2 Corinthians 5; 14-15) His resurrection proved he was the Messiah the Eternal King and that all that He said was Truth because God would not raise a liar and blasphemer from the dead so He could seem approved. But God raised Jesus the Christ from the dead because Jesus really is the Only Way, Truth, and Life to God in Heaven and you must go through Him and Him only for Heaven and Salvation. (John 14; 6) The Kingdom of Heaven and Salvation is where every person should want to be for it is Eternal, Blessed, Joyous, Wonderful, without Sin or Mistake, full of love and life and plenty and everything else Good and Holy, and peaceful according to God’s will and Goodness but of a certainty it is only for those who have trusted in Christ. (Romans 14; 17) (Revelation 21; 1-7)

The Severe Consequences of Unbelief and a life of Disobedience toward the Gospel

Let me also add, Christ does not owe anyone anything He Suffered and Died in our place because He loved us and does not prefer that anyone goes to Hell. Which He made for Satan the devil and the other angels that rebelled against God long ago. But when we Human beings who were made to glorify God and His Son decide to live for ourselves and don’t believe the Message about Jesus who would that you be saved from Hell, when we don’t believe Christ and continue in Sin, an Eternal Hell is the only place for us because we deny God’s Son and His way of Life offered to us. And Hell or the Lake of Fire is the worst place to be because the Torment and Pain and Agony has no end. (Matthew 25; 41) There are some things required of anyone who is to be saved from this terrible Eternal judgement of God, and remember No Assenting person is excluded we are all born under Sin and need Saving from the consequences of Sin & disobedience which consequences is Lastly Eternal death and suffering.( Romans 6;23)( 2 Thessalonians 1;7-9). There are a few requirements for anyone who wants to be saved from the Judgement God has declared on us all; the judgement is condemnation. And this is required for Salvation;

Necessaries for Salvation  

(1.) Believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ ( which is what you have heard) believe it wholly, honestly, depend on it, truly depend on the fact and reality that Jesus removed the punishment due to you by being punished for it Himself afterward God rose Him from the dead thereby Approving Him. Thus because He did this for you which only he could do, you should live your life for Him, getting to know Him, seeking to please Him out of gratitude and love and awe of Him. Because He first Loved you. THIS WHICH I JUST DESCRIBED IS TRUE SAVING FAITH THAT PLEASES GOD. ANY OTHER WAY IS UNACCEPTABLE TO HIM. (Hebrews 11;6) (James 2;17) (John 3; 15-18)( 2 Corinthians 5;14-15)    


(2.) Completely Repent of your Sinful Life. Which means to turn away from the way you think and live concerning all ungodliness. Do a complete turning away from your evil doing and evil thinking which you have lived since you consciously understood right and wrong. God wants you to now think about what Pleases Him and have a bible based reasoning and conscious and God will inform those people who sincerely desire to know Him and be enlightened about Him, He will show you who you are, and what everything else is truly about including what You should be doing, and much of this will be learned from the new desire to study God's word (the Bible). When your mind is renewed or rebooted unto life and righteousness in Holiness your actions will follow because God will give His Holy Spirit to abide in you and lead and guide you who have become a new person in Him. But Remember a clear, and sober decision must be made TO TURN FROM YOUR SIN, AND TURN TO GOD AND HIS WAY, AND TRUTH. (Mark 1;15) (Acts 3;19) (Luke 13;3-5)


(3.) ALL WHO BELIEVE, AND REPENT MUST ENDURE. You must continue in what you have begun or rather what God has begun in you. Only those who endure to the end will be saved, the end being Christ return for His Holy people who wait on Him, or the end being you die before then EITHER WAY YOU MUST BE READY AND REMAINED IN RIGHT STANDING WITH GOD or you will not be saved. If you have truly believed and repented you must continue believing the Gospel and stay turned from your wicked ways or your Eternal destination is in jeopardy. If there is blatant backsliding come out of it quickly and get back on God’s path of narrowness which leads to life because the Lord warns us about this. (Hebrews 10;38-39) (Matthew 24;13) (Matthew 24; 44-51)



This is the Gospel of Jesus Christ and what God Commands all people who it is made known to, to do. Otherwise if the Gospel and its Commands is rejected, (its commands being Believe , and Repent, and Continue) if it is Rejected there are severe Eternal consequences, likewise if you Receive Christ as what Scripture and The Spirit reveals Him to be, The Grace and Goodness of God abides on you, and you have received ETERNAL LIFE as a born again child of God, Eternally blessed by the Grace of God forever. Amen  

The Gospel Message of Jesus Christ