John 17;3  This is Eternal Life that you Know God and Jesus Christ whom He has sent

God is Holy

God is Gracious

The justice of God is a tremendous concept to understand, it is when God who is the Judge of everything and every Person executes justice in every way. This is when God punishes what is wicked and lawless and rewards what is good and acceptable to Him. His Judgement is not based on what anyone thinks it is only based on what His word says and what He thinks. God has already declared a judgement on every person from beginning to end and that Judgement is we are all lawbreakers and sinners and deserve to die and suffer being put into Hell away from God's goodness forever. That's everyone's Judgement one way or the other, and we all know that if there is a judge on the bench who turns his head on lawbreaking and doesn't punish it and lets criminals get off because he felt like it. That man would be considered an Unrighteous Judge, therefore God being the ultimate pinnacle of RIGHTEOUSNESS handles all lawlessness accordingly. In God's law and system, He has set up a way to maintain Justice but also grant Mercy at the same time, this is the way of peace that God encourages all to seek through Jesus Christ. Otherwise you must bear the Eternal Justice of God's judgement on yourself.Hebrews 12;23. Acts 17;30-31. Job 34;12. Romans 5;12. 1 Samuel 26;23. Psalm 143;2 Romans 3;26

Holiness could be said to be God's premier Attribute because in a way every other Attribute and personality quality of God depends on this one. Holiness is when something is Separate, Unique, Different, and Esteemed as Sacred from the rest. It is the quality of being Sanctified above all others. Therefore, for God to say of Himself that He is Holy, perfectly Holy that is, means that God is completely unique in comparison to the creatures He made. It also implies that God is different and above all other beings in ways some people don't suppose. We know God made Mankind in His likeness, and He also made powerful spirit beings like Himself that Scripture sometimes refers to as "gods" or "sons of god". But in all this God is still uniquely Higher, Wiser, and different than all He made. This should help us think properly about God and not put Him in our own "little Human box."
Leviticus 11;45, 1 Peter 1:16, Isaiah 46;9-10, Exodus 15:11, Ezekiel 36:23, Psalm 50:21

The Personality and Attributes of God

God is Just

God is Love

The Grace of God is an amazing concept that reveals a glorious aspect of the character of God. God's Grace is expressed when He gives something, or does something for people who are undeserving. Therefore, Grace is something given to you that you did not earn or work for, the reason the good thing was given to you or done for you is only because of the Giver and not the receiver. God is the Giver of all good things and He initially finds motive from within Himself. After all, no one can say “I earned my birth and life” or “I brought about my own conception” but rather life, breath, and being was a gift. And when it comes to God's Saving Grace which is when He saves the soul of a sinner, the Sinner deserves to be in Hell but God extends Saving Grace to the lawbreaking sinner out of God's own purpose and not primarily because the Sinner wants change but Because of God. This Eternal Gift is the power and ability to repent & believe on Christ & the word of God which leads to Salvation and Eternal Life. In this God grants repentance and brings about faith in a person who was previously void of these virtues until God’s saving grace prevailed in them.Ephesians 2;7-9. James 1;17. Deuteronomy 9;4-8. 1 Corinthians 4;7. Deuteronomy 8;17-18. Acts 17;25

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The Mercy of God is when He relieves, pardons, forgives, or puts on hold Exercising Justice on sin, lawbreaking or disobedience. It is like God saying I should punish you, banish you from my goodness, and make you suffer and I have the power to do it and I could, but I have chosen because of my own purposes not to do it. And He doesn't do it even though the sinner deserves every bit of God's wrath and punishment that God would throw our way. Therefore, mercy is a person not getting the punishment that they deserve. God shows a GENERAL Mercy to all people because God has already said that all people are due Eternal death and suffering (Hell) but even in that, God does not inflict Eternal consequences on us immediately as he could, consider this General Mercy. And though God has granted the whole world General mercy, God now commands people everywhere to seek Eternal mercy which is forgiveness of personal Sins which comes only through repentance & faith in Jesus Christ.Acts 17;30-31 Hebrews 8;12-13. Titus 3;5. Exodus 32;14. Psalm 130;3-5

The Vengeance of God though not proclaimed often by Men can be found all throughout the stories and sayings of Scripture. To have Vengeance is to have your mind set on revenge and bringing down your wrath on your offender. God being 100% in all His attributes and personality means that He is completely Vengeful. This means if a person’s sins are not forgiven through faith in God's word then God will assuredly punish them, He will not forget about their offenses. Even though sometimes God waits to punish evildoers, He will not allow any sin to go unpunished. God is upfront about this and wants all accountable beings to know that no one unforgiven can escape the wrath of God because ultimately God says "Vengeance belongs to Him". And the only way of escape is to seek mercy through Jesus Christ who is the atoning sacrifice for Sin.Romans 12:19, Exodus 34:7, Ecclesiastes 8:11-13, Hebrews 4:12-13, Psalm 50:21-22, Romans 2:6, Amos 9:2-6.

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God is Merciful

There are Many other Personality Qualities and Attributes than these of our Great Creator but the ones listed above will help you get started to know the Lord and God who made you.

God is Generous

You may think you know some generous people, but no being is more generous than God. It’s a matter of fact that apart from God no one would be generous to even begin with. The very material we use to show kindness to someone, even our very own mental capacity to even think to share our goods with another person come from God and His abundant personality quality. If God did not create such an abundant habitat for His creatures, we would not have the opportunity to be Generous, but because God is generous, He has ordained that we follow along. In most instances God gives people more than enough to provoke them to see His abundant kindness toward creation and this should spark us to praise Him for His generosity no matter whether He gave a little over or a lot over than what we need we should be thankful. But above all, and as far as I can tell, the most generous thing God ever done is giving up His only begotten Son Christ Jesus to die for us. So, through Christ alone we can have a way back to God's Kingdom. 1 Timothy 6:17, Ephesians 3:20, John 10;10, Philippians 4:19, Acts 14:17, Malachi 3:10, Psalm 115:16.

I must say The Sovereignty of God is not spoken of enough by ministers and when it is spoken of it is usually spoken of in the wrong sense or context, although this part of God's character can be very complex. For someone to say they are sovereign would be for them to mean they are a King and rules their jurisdiction without having to answer to anybody also being in position and power to do whatever they want without interference. A sovereign ruler can allow things and not allow things, it all depends on him and his permission. God can do what He wants, when He wants, How He wants and no one can stop Him or accuse Him of wrong. He makes decisions based on His own will and purposes and has almighty power to execute these decisions and judgement's that please Him. There is nothing in the earth and all the universe that He Himself has not personally done or at least allowed by giving permission directly or indirectly to happen. And no one or thing can stop His predetermined plan because God is the ultimate Sovereign KING of all the universe, the whole universe is His jurisdiction and everything is subject to Him.Psalms 115;3. Isaiah 43;13. Isaiah 45;7-9. Romans 9;16-20. Isaiah 14:27. Proverbs 21;30-31. 1 Timothy 6;15

The Love of God seems to be most greatly expressed in the sacrifices He’s made & patience He’s shown, a great aspect of God's love is when he makes sacrifices for people who are unworthy when it based in & of themselves. God's acts of love include God sending Christ to sacrifice His own life, God sharing His dominion, and Image & likeness with us, sharing His riches, even sharing his praiseworthiness, He sacrificed his Son and shares all this with Man. But because of Sin, Mankind is due punishment from God but the Love of God moved the Son of God to take the punishment for all people whether they reverence God or not. Now, only those who recognize the Love of God to a point that leads to repentance and faith in God's word will God share the wealth of His goodness with forever. So, when thinking of God's love, you should always think about what God Sacrificed and how he abundantly shares with us but also this should give all the more reason to show Him a similar love back.John 3;16-17, Romans 5;8, Deuteronomy 7;8, 1John 4:7-21, 1John 3: 16-18, John 15:10

God is Vengeful

God is Sovereign