The Roots of Racism 

By Rob Wilson

Subject; Sociology & Racism 

      Racism is a prideful and spiteful attitude, it is a presumed idea of supremacy, an ethnical complex even, and this attitude is one of favoritism of a particular ethnic group or race and/or is spiteful toward other races as well. Racism has old roots meaning it has stemmed from somewhere and been around a long time and if this foolish complex of ideals and beliefs called racism is worldwide and wherever you go and wherever there is people and families, we must dig deep to find its origin and roots so we can understand the reason for this ungodly thinking. For racism has been the driving force for many unjust acts all over the world, and many innocent people have been hurt or injured in one way or the other because of it. So in this article my goal is to make obvious the 3 root components that lead to racism in a person, race or ethnic group. The 3 components are Entitlement, Pride, and the inherent Fallenness of man. I believe these 3 in a broad sense can explain why most people are racist, and why racism is so deep rooted and can be seen in the young as well as old.

     To begin, racism and pride go hand and hand we know this because it is even evident in the statements and confession of modern culture, though a statement is not really needed to prove the pride of different races it is interesting that racist people willingly confess their sin of pride. What makes it so interesting is Jesus said what comes out a person’s mouth is the overflow of what’s in their heart. So let’s look at some of the things in people’s hearts; I hear certain ethnic groups saying white pride, I hear some yelling black pride, or even Latino pride the list goes on and on. So by these peoples own admission they embrace the sin of racial pride. Some of you may be saying “what’s the big deal, they’re just repping for their race and culture” well I have bad news, this is a very big deal to God because He hates pride and all forms of it, it’s one of the things He hates the most. –Proverbs 16;5. Let’s look at few reasons He hates it; but first let’s be clear on how God defines pride in a laymen sense, Pride is a thought or mentality that you are better or more important than someone because of merit or something you have achieved and accomplished by hard work or privilege. A prideful mentality is an abominable sight in the eyes of the Lord because from it comes rebellion, disrespect, dishonor, ruthlessness, mistreating of others, unrighteous rulership, little or no since of thankfulness, and last but not least the breaking of the 2 greatest commands Love the One true God, and Love your neighbor as yourself. You see pride will have you thinking your superior to everyone and no one has the right to have authority over you because your smarter, Stronger, and more productive than everybody else. And you got smart, strong, and more productive because your just that Good and excellent and you deserve all you have because you worked hard and your “SELF-MADE” as they say. This kind of thinking mixed with a strong tie with your ethnicity or race, or a strong pro racial attitude that favors the customs and people of that particular culture leads to racial pride. And racial pride is to have a mindset that says not just me but WE our better than other races, not just me but WE are smarter than other races, not just me but WE are wiser and more productive than other ethnicities, and not only that but compared to our ethnicity and race, other racial groups are foolish, weak, dirty, stupid, animal like, criminals, and behind in what’s important.

       This is the thinking that is produced from racial pride, and the bad news is all men are born inclined to sin because our first father Adam the first man sinned against God and passed His sinful nature down to all His Children and we are all by nature children of Adam and Eve, therefore we all have an inclination to Sin from birth, for the scripture says we all have sinned and we all are children of wrath unless we Repent and believe the Gospel of Christ unto Salvation. This is important to know because what this tells us is that sin is so deep rooted it goes back to the beginning of mankind and it also is inherently passed down to all human beings from birth. Now we know pride is a sin and before God saves a person they are inclined to sin starting early in life and a slave to the powers of it. And with most of us pride will eventually come in, in some form into our thinking then into our acts, it comes when you accomplish something, it comes when you’re flattered or complemented, it comes when you observe you’re talented or at least more talented at something than others. And Racial pride comes when you observe your particular race/ethnicity has overcome some level of adversity, it comes when you notice your race prospering in areas other races are not, it comes when you perceive the natural uniqueness of your particular race/ethnicity and perceive these things as praiseworthy and superior, or meritorious because these things were gained through the abilities and wisdom above the other cultures. And once again God hates all of this racial pride and it must be done away with if anyone wants to please God and be a part of His Holy nation in which what the people have in common is not physical ethnical Likeness but rather a Spiritual Likeness and the same Good Confession; Jesus is Lord and Savior the very Son of God and all of what the Bible teaches is true and dependable. That is what the nation of God has in common not a uniform look or ethnicity or race for the people of God are of all nations and backgrounds and God has saved and transformed these people through their Faith in Him and his Son who died and rose for all.

        Pride also robs God of His glory by causing a person to say by my own strength and hand have I elevated myself and by our race that has superior strength and wisdom and intuitiveness we have elevated to this prosperity and good living. – Deuteronomy 9;5-8.  But this is incorrect but racial pride will do this to a nation the truth is God raises up people and takes people low, God out of his own mercy and Gracious will blesses nations to win wars, overcome adversities, Gain land and the wealth therein, and he does this so Nations will glorify Him and it appears through God’s Providence he is maneuvering people through Elevation of prosperity and goodness to be in a situation that’s leads to their salvation just as he also uses tragedy and unwanted circumstances to also bring about Salvation. Therefore no one should be proud or haughty because whatever good you perceive about yourself or your race if it is good it is from God and if a nation is in an inferior position it doesn’t make them lower and your race higher but what it means is God has choose to use their meager circumstances for His glory as well which probably will lead to the Salvation of some. So we see there is no room for racial pride because it brings about foolish unrighteous thinking and it doesn’t please God because it robs Him of your gratitude but it is indeed if you haven’t noticed 1 of 3 major root components that leads to worldwide racism.

         Another root component of racism is having an sense entitlement and typically wherever you find racism you will find ridiculous thoughts of entitlement.  Entitlement is when someone feels or believes they deserve something because of who they are or what they’ve done, but in reality they may not deserve anything. The mentality of Entitlement is a mentality based on an expectation of deserving something, the big idea of racial entitlement is people, ethnic groups, and nationalities thinking they deserve something, and whatever good comes to them they already had it coming. God despises this attitude of conceitedness, God says in his word “what is it you have that you haven’t freely received”-1 Corinthians 4; 7. The answer is nothing, for everything good thing a person or a people has they have received it by the generous gracious hand of God. - James 1;17 So if we have received it and it wasn’t because we are good or worthy, why do we boast like we are entitled to something or can make a claim to something because of our nationality. Listen to what God says to the Jews of old who felt entitled to the goodness of God because they were chosen as natural race. In Deuteronomy ch.7 & 9 God even tells the people He actually chose at that time I did not chose you because you were great in number, or because you were better or more righteous than other nations but rather I chose you because I had love for you, and I promised your ancestral fathers I would make a blessed holy nation out of their children, I promised them I would multiply their children and show them mercy. And this God was faithful to, but let’s be clear He did not become a blessing to them because they deserved it for he made their forefathers the promise before they were born and determined to bless them in spite of their unworthiness because He is Generous and full of Grace, and gives to the unworthy.

          So when a race or a group feels entitled they are deceived and walking in conceit, and entitlement and conceit leads to ungratefulness, and people all ways feeling like they’re owed something, and worst of all if you feel entitled to God you feel like God is a debtor to you and He must pay you what’s due. Racial Entitlement will have you walking around feeling like you were born with something owed to you, you will feel like if your race commits crime, they should be freed or get a sentence reduction, or your race is always qualified for the job, or God has more love and generosity to your ethnic group over others because of the struggles you have overcome as a race or people. And when you feel like that you are thinking way to high of yourself and way to low of others who are also Human beings and made in the image of God. And from that you might start treating others like they were born nothing and you were born with promised goodness because your race is this awesome nation worthy of all blessing just because you were born into this nationality that has earned their favor from God which is a lie because no one deserves anything good at all. –Psalm 103;10.        

        Last but not least you have the fallenness or Sinful nature of Man, this maybe the top cause of racism because this goes deep into the state of the being of mankind and it can be traced from the first man our first father and mother; Adam & Eve. It can also be traced back to our birth in which our first fore parents Adam and Eve passed down to us, Thus leaving mankind in a state of being born into a sinful world with a sinful nature, inclined to sin and slaves to sin with no hope but the only hope being God through Christ rescuing us from the penalty, power, and dominion of Sin. Now because we are born in a fallen and darkened state of mind we love sin, and love to satisfy our own lustful desires, and we have tendencies that cause us to take something Good that God has given us and pervert it, very often we as Human beings make idol gods out of the gifts of God, we exchange the glory of God for the glory of man. –Romans 1; 23. This is a great evil but we do it all the time especially as an unredeemed sinner without Salvation let me give a couple examples; God gave us the gift and pleasure of sex within a marital context, but we take sex which is a gift of God and devise pornography. God gives us the gift of Children, we become bloody abortionist who murder our children in the womb and carry out the wickedness of the Devil, all because we think “if I don’t abort my child, I will have to abort my dreams and career and freedoms” so we take the gifts and things God blesses us with and twist it, or pervert it, or destroy it.

       Many of us don’t know and understand this but parents and nationalities are from the Lord because the book of Acts chap. 17, verse 26 says God determined the period and homeland you would be born in, and if God determined the time and place and also the parents you would be born to, then you can also say he determined your race and nationality, and if He determined that for you and calls it good and profitable then wherever, and whoever you were born to is a gift. And you get to enjoy the benefits of being a certain ethnic group and/or race, this is something you should be thankful about but not boastful or conceited about because we deserve nothing good. If you admire your race and culture and the customs of your people are a delight to you, you should consider it a gift from God but you shouldn’t take the gift and twist it, to try and make your people a people who is deserving of God’s favor. You shouldn’t take the gift of God as something to fill superior about like you deserve to rule over others because of your nationality but we do this and it leads to things like slavery, it leads to things like unfair opportunity, it leads to things like lack of gratefulness to God. The fallenness of man leads people to always want to feel ahead, superior, deserving of all good, it leads a race to feel entitled to everything it strips a race of its thankfulness to God. So if pride, and entitlement will be done away with it must start with the getting rid of the sinful nature we are born with and then we must receive the new nature and desires from God that comes in the New Birth through Faith in Jesus Christ and the repenting of your sin.

        God is not pleased at all with Racism, and to do away with this mental plague that leads to the unjust harm and suffering of many, we must began to cut at the root of the situation. The root is spiritual because the root is of the sinful flesh and of the pride of the heart, so we must began start cutting there from where it first shoots inwardly. And what this means my friends is, people of all nations must be saved and the spirit of their minds must be transformed and reshaped to be influenced by the truth of God which leads to good works and Love for God and Love for your neighbor, otherwise racism will not only persist but expand and history will continue repeating itself. (Galatians 3; 8)(Ephesians 4; 23)

The Roots of Racism