Truth about Grace

The Importance of Grace: If God is Gracious, which He is, then to understand Grace properly becomes very important. And if we the saints will spend the rest of our Eternal lives Enjoying and getting to know our God and Savior. It becomes important that we don't misunderstand this aspect of God's character/attribute. (1 Peter 5;10) (Psalm 67;1-2)
What is Grace: Simply put, it is Someone namely God doing or giving you something you don't deserve, have Not worked for, Nor Earned. ( It is Unmerited Favor, It holds the idea of someone superior stooping down and showing kindness to the unworthy or someone unearned.) -(Psalm 145)
How does God show Grace?/What makes Him Gracious? God's Grace is the root to everything Good His Creation including us Has ever had or will ever experience. Because God doesn't owe anybody anything, and neither is obligated to create or give life to anything. Means that everything He does Good, or Obligates Himself to do Good actually flows from His Good & Gracious Character and not obligation. (Psalm 103) (1 Corinthians 4;7) (Psalm 145)
Does Salvation come by Grace? YES
Scripture clearly states in Ephesians that everyone who has been saved has been saved by Grace through Faith. And neither the Faith or Salvation came about because of us, but rather it was the power and Spirit of God working in us to bring us to Repentance and to Believe and know the Truth of the Lord Jesus Christ. And we heard the Gospel and Believed it, The Spirit moved in us and we cooperated.
(Ephesians 2; 5-13) (Romans 2;4)
What is the opposite of Grace? Works.
Works, has to do with what you do, or how you conduct yourselves in respect to God. There are acceptable works and unacceptable works to God.
(Romans 11; 5-6) (Romans 2; 6-11)
Acceptable Works: Everything you do for Christ with a pure heart according to the will of God after you've been saved, including Obedience to the word(According to the New Covenant). And God not only accepts these kind of works but commands them and rewards them. (Matthew 25; 14-46) (Hebrews 6;10)
•Non-Acceptable Works: Everything you do before or apart from Christs' Salvation in your life. Also all works concerning keeping/obeying any law or command whether in Scripture or not with the mentality that obedience to laws/commandments is what brings about Salvation and Eternal Life. Or things you do as a Believer from an Impure heart for God, or Everything you do that is contrary to the will or glory of God. (Proverbs 15; 8-9) (Romans 10; 3-4) ( Colossians 3; 23-25)
                                                 ## Important Note## -
 This article was not made to lead anyone to think they "Now have a license to Sin" or that you can abuse the Grace of God and get away with it. Because God says don't be deceived, He will have vengeance on all the wicked & unbelieving who practice sin. But this Article and video was made so we would understand and therefore appreciate God's Grace. Knowing we should be in Hell for our Sin but God has instead Saved and Blessed our Eternal Souls to be with Him Forever by His Grace and Mercy which we did not deserve. And this reality should drive us to be good workman for Christ who seek & do God's pleasure daily with our lives and deeds.
(1 Corinthians 6; 9-10) (Revelation 21;7-8) (Romans 12;19)