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E.L.M   is glad to see that times are changing and people are questioning Religious Traditions, Certain teachings of men, Cliches, and some even the Bible itself. I want all to know, that God can handle all questions because He is all wise, just be patient and honest with yourself, and be willing to receive Truth.  This particular page is designed to offer different answers from different biblical perspectives from some of God's most knowledgeable and faithful men in our estimations. It is God's will that you "Seek and Find" and conclude, we want to help you do that with this Q&A.⬇️

All of the Answers presented below are Relevant, and none are listed in order. This is the  2ND Q&A INSTALLMENT   (April 2019)

(1.) Are there other Gods besides the God and Father of Jesus Christ?
Answer 1:  Yes, its said repeatedly and acknowledged in several passages. In the Hebrew language & Hebrew thinking, the word God/(El)ohim is a General term for Heavenly Spirit beings. These Higher Spirit beings in Scripture are commonly referred to as gods or "sons of God", and yes they are Mighty but not The Almighty One, they are High Spirits but not the Most High Spirit they are wise but not The All Wise(omniscient) One, these gods were around before mankind but The Eternal One"I Am" was around before all, having made all things . For the Scripture says Yahweh(Jehovah) is the God of gods who made everything Visible & Invisible. (Deuteronomy 10;17)( Colossians 1;16)( Job 38;1-7)
Answer 2:  No, because we know God says in Scripture " I am God and there is none besides me" -Isaiah 45;5. Even though Scripture does say there are many "so-called gods" it seems they are either prideful kings & rulers who try to elevate themselves as gods. Or false idol gods which are merely images, imaginations and objects made by men or nature that people who don't know the Truth call God. (1 Corinthians 8;1-6) 
Answer 3:  Depends, The God of Christ " Yahweh is a Elohim(God) but No other Elohim(God) is Yahweh" -Dr. Mike Heiser. Israel and now Believers in Christ know and serve the Most High God who created All.  But to the people and nations who reject the God of the Bible they worship the lesser gods/Spirits/principality rulers which are in high places who deceive the people into Idolatry which the Most High God condemns. ( 1 Corinthians 10)(2 Corinthians 4;4)( Ephesians 6;10-14)

(2.)  Can the Church learn some things from the world, or the world should only learn from the Church?
Answer 1:  No, the people of the world are not obeying God's will and therefore to learn their way or ideas is to learn the opposite of God's way and Truth. Scripture teaches that the God's Church is like a "city on a hill" that should be a model for everyone else. And that Christ's Church is the "light of the world" because we illuminate to the world what is true and right, but the world does NOT illuminate truth to the Church. (Matthew 5;13-15)
Answer 2:  Yes, there are things that can be learned from the world such as business and science and other areas of Natural life in this age and earth realm. But as members of Christ's Church we stop learning were ungodliness and falsehood begins. We learn, accept, & consider science until evolution is taught to replace God, we learn business until unethical decisions, greed, and the love of money is suggested. For even Christ in the Luke 16 parable commends how diligent the world is about business and basically says to Believers serve Him with that same diligence & occupational wisdom the world often displays.

​(3.) Is God okay with the use and/or legalization of marijuana(weed) or other particular drugs?
Answer 1:  No, because this herb along with other uncontrolled substances has proven when applied or deposited into the body to cause more harm, low production, addiction, and havoc than good. And though man may permit and approve of substances that are addictive, cause low production and take away sober-mindedness God does not. For it is God's will that the herbs, plants, & produce of His Earth not be abused for insobriety.(Ephesians 5:17-18)( 1 Peter 5;8)
Answer 2:   Yes, when its used medically and properly it can be a good herb for food seasoning and Natural medical remedies similar to Aloe vera, Sugarcane, Ginger, or even wine etc... All things of nature can be used for Good when left uncorrupted by man, but its when these things are used to get "High" is when it becomes Sin. For, ever since God made all these things He has said Himself that "it is Good", and for use. (Genesis 1;29)(Genesis 9;1-3)(1 Timothy 4;1-4)

Answer 3: No. because such drugs ought to remain illegal due to how they hinder the growth and dignity of our society. And Spiritually speaking drugs like marijuana or opioids in modern production & usage could be considered witchcraft. Because of the way they make it, ingest it, and the outcome it produces. For millenniums witches and warlocks have been using nature to concoct products to bound, and influence people to put them under spells or to help their patrons spiritually transcend. After all Revelation 18;23 states that "all the nations of the world are deceived by some type of sorcery", but in the original language of that part of the Bible the word sorcery is actually the word "pharmakia" which is were we get the word pharmaceutical/Drugs. 

​(4.)  Is the "Prosperity Gospel" wrong?
Answer 1: Yes, because it is not of God when the Gospel/message of Jesus Christ is preached primarily for financial gain. And the preacher of the Gospel promises the hearers that if they give to him and his cause then Jesus will make them financially rich, if this is the center and majority of his preaching, his preaching is wrong. And this is far from the message that Christ sends His Ministers out to preach. (Titus 1;7)(2 Corinthians 2;17)
Answer 2:   Not Necessarily, there are many passages in Scripture that promise and give principle that leads one to expect financial gain and divine welfare because we are apart of God's Kingdom & people. These things come along with Salvation to the one who believes on Jesus Christ as a benefit of God adopting his children. The Gospel message is not: Believe in Jesus and get  πŸ’² Rich πŸ’² , but rather believe on Jesus Christ for Salvation, and you will receive all the benefits of Adoption, within the vast goodness of God. (Luke 12;29-32)(1 Corinthians 1;21-24)(Psalm 103)

(5.) Is God's Love Unconditional? 
Answer 1:   No, God's love is NOT Unconditional, this is a traditional saying that has been passed down apart from study. In the Old and New testament God makes it clear that He loves His own people but He Hates/Despises/Abhors those outside of His Covenant and thus not His children. (Psalm 5;5)(Leviticus 20:23)(John 15;1-19)
    β€’ Hebrews 12; 5-11 teaches God only chastise/disciplines those who are His children whom He loves to make them Holy as He is Holy, otherwise Scripture calls you a bastard and considers you to be without God's fatherly love. This is why Salvation through Christ alone is so important because it is the condition God requires so you can be born again into God's family and then assuredly into His Love.

Answer 2: Yes, God's Love is Unconditional to the whole world without any bias. Because we know John 3;16 & 1 John 2;2  teaches that God loved the world so much, He sent His Only begotten Son Jesus the Christ to die for all people. God may have a special love for His called out people but He also has a General love for all people whether they believe in Him & His Son or not. Firstly, He loves through causing the creation to perpetuate while supplying man and the earth with needful rain and nutrient to survive and prosper. (Matthew 5;45)(Acts 14;15-17)

     Secondly at some point we all were unbelievers who Christ was sent to die for, thus He died for the whole world and not just we who would be saved eventually. And this General love God shows to His creation is Unconditional meaning we neither asked or did anything for it, it is done all because of God and not based on a condition that was upon us first.(Psalm 145;16)(1 Timothy 4;10)


The answers are Not in order, and all Answers are Relevant, This Is the 1ST INSTALLMENT (March 2019)   Q&A

(1.) Do I need to get a Government Marriage license to get married according to God's standards?
Answer 1: No, Adam & Eve didn't need one and neither did anyone of that time and Generation need one, its of the world system that God's Holy people are not apart of. ( God recognizes a marriage when the man and woman have sexual intercourse together)
Answer 2:  It would be Wisdom to get one, even though a marriage can be recognized in the eyes of God with or without a Marriage license. But It would be wise to have a Marriage license because of the legal authorities. Though we as saints are citizens of the New world we still have Governing official's who rule over us, who God tells us to Respect and obey according to Romans 13 unless they defy His ordinance in legalizing their ordinance. If a Man dies and does not have legal documentation that a woman is His wife things could get messy and unfortunate because Legal and Governing Authorities control rights and the transferring of estates. 
Answer 3:  A Marriage does not need a Government license, but it does require in the eyes of God a consenting agreement, hence a Covenant that acknowledges a SPECIAL agreement of Matrimony between a man and a woman. This does not happen automatically after 2 people have sex because sex without a consenting marital agreement is what the old Covenant calls "playing the whore" or sexual abuse, and what the New Covenant calls "Fornication" or sexual immorality.

(2.) Was it other people in the very beginning of Creation made along with or before Adam within the beginning of His generations?
Answer 1:  Yes, In Genesis 1;26 what you have is God making Multiple male and female mankind to roam the earth and have dominion over it, and be fruitful and multiply concerning procreation either along with or before Adam. But these people did not have the same commission Adam did from God in the Garden. Adam was a special man in a special place who had the future of many others lives on his back. The other people who lived along with Adam did not have the same responsibility, and lived outside of the garden. ( Genesis 2)
Answer 2:  No, all people come from Adam and Eve, when the scripture speaks in Genesis 1;26 of Mankind being made in God's image and telling them to be fruitful and multiply having dominion, it is referring to Adam and Eve and all the whole Human race who has come from them, after all Eve is said to be in Scripture the mother of all living people,  and that all Nations come from One Man/Blood. Therefore there were no other people outside of Adam and his wife Eve who God created initially to rule in His stead being made as basically a human spiritual reflection of God atleast they were the first 2 who all other people come from. 
      Also remember Adam and Eve had many children and that numerous amount of Children grew up & married and populated the earth with their children they birthed being fruitful and multiplying keeping in mind at that time incest amongst siblings was no factor nor foul in the early part of creation as it is Sin now, thus we are all brother and sister in a way by our forefather Adam. (Genesis 5;1-4)(Genesis 20;1-12)(Acts 17;26)

(3.)  Did the Spiritual God part of Christ die, when He died on the Cross for our Sins?
Answer 1:  No, because you cannot kill a Spirit therefore only His body died but His Eternal Spirit Man/Soul cannot die. In fact no spirit can die but only the body, and this separation seems to be necessary to separate The Physical Man Jesus from the Eternal God part of Him.
Answer 2:   Yes. The Body expires/cease/ and the spirit/breath of Life leaves the person and the body begins to decay or whither away gradually going back to the dust.(spirit, breath, & wind come from the same Hebrew word, and are synonymous and interchangeable)
Job 33;4
Psalms 104;29 
Ecclesiastes 12;7
James 2;27
The spirit/breath of life left Christ body, then His body ceased and then the process of decay & going back to the dust begun in His lifeless body. 
((His Soul went to Hades the place of the Dead/Disembodied) )
**All of this describes Death, therefore The God/Man actually died.**
But without a Body God could not die accordingly being in essence a Eternal Spirit.

(4.) Is Money necessary to Do Ministry work?
Answer 1:   No, because there are many ways to reach people that does not require money, there are many ways to preach to and serve people that doesn't require money, but does require willingness. For Ex. Volunteering at a Nursing Home, you can help the staff take care of the residents and pray and preach to the Elderly as they allow and it wont cost you any money.
Answer 2:   Yes, because nearly everywhere and especially in America it cost to travel to places to do God's work, it also cost money to buy food to feed the poor, sheltered buildings to gather and worship at (will cost money), to help financially challenged families (will cost money), equipment to minister on a large scale (will cost money), you cannot do ministry on a "Greater works" scale without money, and Jesus called His people to do His work on a greater scale.
Answer 3:   β€’On a individual level money is NOT necessary because you can serve and preach to your neighbor with what you have an already own, free of asking anyone for money to serve one of your neighbors.
β€’ But Money is necessary when Assembling as a congregation to do God's will and serve others, primarily because of the way the world works. These days it cost to do everything especially as a group going to help the masses.

(5.) Was both Adam and Eve tricked by the Devil/Serpent into Eating the forbidden fruit?
Answer 1:   No, Scripture states it was the woman Eve who was deceived and not the Man. Adam was not directly deceived by anyone, He may have been persuaded by His wife but there is a Knowledgeable line between persuasion and deception.(1 Timothy 2;13-14)(Genesis Ch.2 &3)
Answer 2:   Yes, they were both tricked in a way. There is a way that a person can get deceived of course unknowingly but be convinced about the matter and incidentally pass on the deception as Truth to others and thus deceive the hearers who believe it. This is what it appeared Eve did after she was deceived by the Devil to Eat from the forbidden Tree she afterward brought the forbidden fruit to the Man Adam to eat as well and said "Hay, i found out its ok if we eat it, i ate it and discovered its good for food, now you try it" -(paraphrased & implied from Genesis 3:1-7)